B Type Hand Trailer Winch, Manual Trailer Winch


trailer winch

This Trailer Winch can be mainly used for horizontal towing. Which suits especially for towing of yacht and boat; Also can be widely applied on industrial and agricultural application.  We offer hand trailer winch with cable wire, strap and only winch version.

Model Capacity(LBS) Speed Gear Ratio Handle Length Drum-Hub Dia.
JCB600/800 600/800 1 3.2:1 200mm 16mm
JCB1000/1200 1000/1200 1 4.1:1 240mm 22mm
JCB1400/1500/1600 1400/1500/1600 1 4:1 240mm 24mm
JCB1800 1800 2 4:1/8:1 240mm 24mm
JCB2000 2000 2 4:1/8:1 240mm 24mm
JCB2500 2500 2 4:1/8:1 240mm 24mm